Ambridge Candles Smell Good Enough To Eat!

When you’re looking for something truly special in gifts, then there is nothing like Ambridge candles. Made with the love and care, which only a “family run” business can provide; these Ambridge candles really say love like no other. They’ve created long list of collections and are known for their true-to-life scents and unique packaging.

Something else that makes Ambridge candles so special is that they are all made from one hundred percent natural products that are good for you and for the environment.

They use soybean wax and led-free wick which means cleaner burning. The soy is also responsible for helping to make their scents stronger and last longer than any other on the market. Ambridge candles pride themselves in using seven percent oil which makes their scents richer and longer lasting.

Unlike many specialty collections, the Ambridge candles aren’t nearly as expensive as others, thanks to the family being able to maintain a low overhead which means great quality at a fraction of the price. This is great news as it means that you can use the money saved to sample even more of their delectable collections!

One of the most unique of collections by Ambridge candles is the Greeting Card collection which offers you a variety of occasion-specific jars to choose from in the delicious scents they are known for. You can find anything from a “Happy Birthday” to a “Congratulations” perfect for any occasion! They also have special holiday candles that smell like all of the baked goods that remind you of Christmas growing up.

Ambridge candles are a secondary addition to the ever popular Home Baked collection that offers up scents like apple pie and even mint chocolate brownie! Some of their other collections include: Classic Baked, Exotic Fruit, Gardener, Ice Cream, Romance and Wedding. All of these collections contain scents that really do smell good enough to eat! And with all this choice, it’s easy to find something for any taste, occasion or decor.

Speaking of decor; Ambridge candles are packaged in beautiful jars with elegant labeling which make them a gift that you can be proud to give.

Also, they have created a collection called “Ambridge Candles For A Cause”. Any of the Ambridge candles purchased from this collection send a share of the proceeds to help various breast cancer foundations as well as charities to help those awaiting organ transplants. Ambridge candles from this collection make an especially meaningful gift as it helps others. This is also a wonderful homage to anyone who is personally battling one of the causes or has been touched by it. Giving Ambridge candles like this really shows how much you care and can act as a symbol of hope to those who receive them or benefit from its proceeds.

Choosing Ambridge candles is not only a joy but a wonderful gift to yourself and those around you. How else can a few dollars help the environment, contribute to a good cause and put a smile on the face of a loved one? A gift like Ambridge candles can manage this all.

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