Battery Operated Flameless Candles

battery operated flameless candlesBattery operated flameless candles are a great alternative to regular candles for many reasons.

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This flameless candle set is designed by a company called Smart Candle which has the following philosophy to describe its company…

Smart innovation. Smart products. Smart designs.

Smart Candle uses a special technology that utilizes LED lighting to create a light that simulates the flicker of any wax candle that contains a flame.

Benefits of using flameless candles:

  • very practical, yet beautiful to look at
  • affordable
  • safer than ordinary wax candles
  • can use them indoors or outdoors
  • add ambiance to any room
  • perfect to use during a power outage or emergency

Battery operated flameless candles are safe!
There are many fires that are caused by candles these days.  Leaving flames unattended or even hot wax from wax candles can lead to damaged property or even result in death. These Smart Candles completely do away with the concern of the fire hazards that ordinary candles can pose. These candles are safe to use anywhere, inside or out.  Enjoy Smart Candles without any worry of fire even if you have children or pets.

Flameless candle product specifications:

  • 2 votive candles that are operated by batteries
  • 2 glass votive holders that are frosted and white in color
  • bulb is LED flickering and requires 2 AA batteries
  • on/off switch located on bottom of the candles
  • will run for about 250 hours
  • dimensions of votive:  1.5 (W) x 3.25 (H) in.
  • height of votive holder:  4.75 in

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Perfect for decorating your own home or as a gift for any occasion.

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