Brother Knitting Machines-Just Why Are They The Best

Knitting is mainly carried out in two ways, hand knitting and machine knitting. If you are looking to start machine knitting, then the best machine on the market is the brother knitting machine. If you do purchase one, then you will be able to create the most exquisite projects. As a manufacturer they are world renown for their quality and reliability.

They are Japanese made and all the latest technology is used in the design and manufacturing of them. There are two types that are available to you, these are the punch card machine and the electronic machine. If you plan to use one just at home, then purchase a standard gauge machine with 200 needles that are 4.5 mm apart. But if you plan to start a home business then purchase a bulk machine with 114 needles that are 9mm apart.

The distance between every needle determines the thickness of the yarn that can be used in the brother knitting machine. The yarn will be thicker if the needles are further apart and the closer the needles are together, then the yarn is thinner.

The punch card machine will produce patterns which are around 224 stitches wide. It is possible to repeat this pattern across the whole width of your project or use it to create motifs in specific parts of your project. But the only drawback of using this machine is that you have to create patterns that are either 24 stitches wide or in a number that is evenly divided into 24.

There is no such problem with the electronic version. The electronic version can produce patterns with one stitch to around 200 stitches.

Brother knitting machines can also be used to weave and knit reversible patterns. This machine can be fixed with external attachments like ribber attachments, which is used to undertake jacquard knitting. This type of knitting is similar to fair isle knitting but without any floats.

The electronic brother knitting machine can be used to create patterns that you can find on the Internet. By using your computer you can download patterns and then scan them for use in your knitting projects. Another feature of this machine has an optional garter carriage which can be used to knit and purl in the same row.

If you use a single bed machine then you are free to do your other work while the machine knits for you. The automatic version uses one color yarn at a time, this accessory is only available with the standard gauge machines.

The brother knitting machine also has optional extra accessories like ribber attachments, four color changer, garter bar and so. But when ever you are buying a machine always buy it from the original distributors, this way you get the high quality machines with a full guarantee.

By using these knitting machines you can easily create project that are master pieces. These can be gifts to your family or loved ones and if you start your own home craft business, then you will be able to sell them.

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