Buy Soy Candles

Buy Soy CandlesBuy soy candles from this wonderful KOBO’s “Pick Your Four Pack” option and essentially you are getting one candle for FREE!

This makes a beautiful gift or a nice treat for your own home!

Click here to select your favorite scents right away!

These decorative soy candles are beautiful to look at and will fill your home with the long lasting and sweet fragrance of your choice.

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Benefits to burning a soy candle instead of a paraffin candle:

  • Environmentally conscious people love soy candles because they are made from all natural ingredients, namely vegetable and soy waxes.
  • Soy candles burn much cleaner than paraffin candles and there is much less soot if any at all to be found when burning.  Without even realizing it, soot from paraffin candles can build up on your walls and furniture which can be quite unhealthy. Using a soy candle eliminates this risk.
  • Candles made from soy burn much longer (about 50% longer) than regular candles, so it is a better bargain for your dollar spent. If you buy soy candles made from KOBO linked to here, they last up to 70 hours which is awesome!
  • Soy wax is much easier to clean up than paraffin wax.
  • A soy candle tends to have a better distribution of scent than regular candles. A nice clean and fresh scented soy candle can easily leave your whole house smelling wonderful.

Features of the KOBO Pick Your Four Pack soy candles:

  • You get to choose four candles for the price of three – you get one candle for FREE!
  • This 4 Pack includes FREE shipping!
  • Pick your 4 scents from a huge list of favorites (see examples below). Mix and match as you like!
  • The awesome scents last for a full 70 HOURS!
  • The packaging for these candles is so pretty that there is no need for wrapping if your purpose to buy soy candles is for gift giving.
  • The packaging is actually so special that you may decide to keep and use for storing small items in its sweet decorate containers.
  • Each  KOBO scented soy candle is poured by hand utilizing pure soy wax that is grown domestically. The cotton wicks are environmentally safe and free of lead, so these candles are among the most clean and environmentally friendly in the world today.
  • Long reach matches included with this purchase.
  • A lid used for extinguishing also comes with each candle.

Here are some examples of scents that are available from the various collections – remember that you get to choose any four:

  • Garden Collection: Antique Lavender, Moon Wisteria, Jalapeno, Sparkling Rose, Heirloom Vine and Citron Artichoke
  • Origami Collection: Yuzu Leaf, Asian Grove, Sakura Blossom, Mango Tree, Manchurian Dragon Fruit and Red Grass
  • Coterie Collection: Vetiver and Shaved Vanilla, Portuguese Olive Blossom, D’Anjou Lychee, Green Pearl Jasmine, White Birch Rosemary and Anisette Orange
  • Botanical Collection: Water Mint, Champagne Ginger, Artemesian Lemongrass, Vanilla Citrus Zest, Fresh Currant and Golden Mimosa
  • Motif Collection: Orange Amber, Zapote, Gardenia Royal, Tabac and Talc, Leather Mahogany and Figue Blanche

Click here to select and purchase your favorite scented soy candles today!

At the website, you will also find complete descriptions for each of the scents listed above.

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