Candle Holders: A Wide Palette To Choose From For Your Home Decor

Candle holders come in many different styles, textures, and colors. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, holders come in all shapes and sizes. Materials used for candle holders depend on the reason that the candle is being used or how it is displayed.

There are many markets that sell candle holders and that have someone available who can help you choose what is right for you.

Types of Candle Holders

We are most familiar with the candle holders that we see in the home such as those used on the dining table for special occasions. These can be the one-piece glass holder that holds a single tapered candle to a large three-wick candle that is used with flowers or fruit to decorate and set the mood for dinner. Candle holders may also be made of metal. Metal candle holders are great for outdoor use or to create a rustic feeling in your decor. The types of metal holders that come to mind most often are those seen in front of a fireplace or used as wall sconces. There are some extraordinary wooden candle holders on the market today. One example is driftwood that is treated and used to pour candle wax into to make a beautiful centerpiece. Most of us have seen the candle holders that have been made from old mason jars. These are great to help give that country feel to your home. One favorite is to use decorative teacups as candle holders to give a Victorian feel to any room.

How to Choose the Right Candle Holder

Where you want to place your candles and the type of setting you want to create both play an important role in the type of container that you choose. For a garden party you may want to buy little metal buckets to use as candle holder. They are easily made and decorated. This type of candle holder makes a wonderful gift that you can send home with your guest to remember the occasion. If you are making the candles for a wedding then you will want to make a unity candle that is special for the couple. For this type of candle you can use a large cylindrical glass container that will shimmer and stand out. Because of the size of these containers you can decorate around them without fear of catching something on fire. If you are choosing candles for the bathroom be sure that they are in appropriate candle holders to prevent fires. A crystal candle holder is one of the greatest ways that you can present candles that you have created. It gives the impression of multifaceted lights are being thrown out from the holder.

Safety First Please

Safety is an important factor when selecting the candle holders that you wish to display and use. Be sure that the materials used are safe and will not break or change when becoming heated.

Keep any flammable material away form the holder if the outside does get warm. Many home fires occur in the United States and elsewhere from the misuse of candles. Be sure that you think safety first when deciding on the type of candle holder that you want to use.

The type of candle holder that you choose to use for displaying or holding your candle in can make a difference in how others see your setting. Don’t be afraid to explore the wide variety of candle holders on the market from the usual to the extraordinary. Always keep in mind safety. For the candle maker, the candle holder only adds to the beauty of your creation, so enjoy!

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