Candle Holders: Problem Of Plenty

Recently, a friend brought me a pair of really wonderful Celtic-themed metal candle holders from Wales, where she had gone on holiday. On a trip to Los Angeles, however, I spotted candle holders that looked almost exactly the same at a fairly obscure candle supplies store, so evidently Celtic themes candle holders are obviously quite common in the country, though I don’t have the heart to tell my friend so.

That brings me to the popularity and increasing variation of candle holders in the market today. Even a few years ago, a candle holder was something you used to stick a candle in, period. These days, candle holders are home decoration items in their own right, quite apart from whether you wish to burn candles in them.

Inevitably, my fondness for candles has now grown to encompass candle holders as well, and I catch myself browsing the Net to find unusual designs in candle holders that I might want for myself, or as a gift.

During my searches, I have discovered that the pillared style is still the most popular when it comes to candle holders, though there is nothing traditional about their designs any longer. Typically, most candle holders are made of metal, wood, or glass. For example, I ordered the most beautiful set of frosted glass pillared candle holders the other day, which I am quite sure I will not burn a candle in. However, they are just perfect for the mantelpiece and besides, frosted glass protects the wood as well.

When made of metal, candle holders bear extraordinary carvings, while wooden candle holders can be used as the perfect accessories to your wooden furniture. The best thing about candle holders today is that they can accommodate candles of almost any shape, because they almost always have a fairly wide base and can hold oddly shaped candles very well. Also, there are candle holders that can securely hold more than one candle at a time, so you get great value for money.

Speaking of money, candle holders are wonderful as budget gifts too, because they are relatively inexpensive, which means you can buy quite a few without overstraining your wallet.

I remember gifting a wrought iron candle holder set to my niece a few months ago. You wouldn’t believe how good it looks as a centerpiece in her new home, even though I say so myself!

These days, I find myself very taken with quirky candle holders shaped like flowers, dolphins, and even cows! I found a lovely set of pewter dolphins the other day, and have added them to my wish list. And I have my eye on a set of copper dandelions. Now let’s see…

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