Candle Making How To Essential Guide

Candle making is an artistic creation. It is a fun and popular creative artwork that can be done in your house or workshop once you have learned the candle making how to.

The reason why people like to make their own candles instead of buying from a candle shop is because it is very interesting and enjoyable to be able to make their own candles. In addition to that, the self-made candle is an unique creation by itself and it can be a great idea for the present for their friends and family.

The process of candle making is not difficult as it seems to be once you have the basic knowledge of how to make a candle. But before you can start making your very own first candle, it is important that you have all the essential candle making supplies and equipments ready in advance.

Understanding the distinguishing qualities of different kinds of candles is crucial to make a perfect candle.

Solid candle is a type of candles that is widely found. It is usually formed in a mold and can be in various patterns such as rectangle, cylinder or even down to a votive candle. Various ingredients like vanilla, mint, cinnamon can be added to give addition smell to the candle. Basically, any aromatic or spice substance can be added to provide some types of unparalleled fragrance.

Crayon candle is some other type of candle you can make. It can be made by mixing old crayons with paraffin to give it a colorful appearance. Bees wax candle is another choice of candles you can make easily as it requires no melting of any wax. The only requirement to making bees wax candle is to wrap the wax tightly around the wick during the candle making process. Dipping candle is yet another type of candle that you can consider for, but the process of making dipping candle takes more time and steps to do as the candle has to be dipped repeatedly until the candle is at its desired thickness.

No matter which type of candle you wish to make, you need to have a proper candle making supply and ingredient to be able to make a good candle.

Equipments like double boiler, wax melter, and candle molds are needed in the process of candle making to melt the wax at high temperatures safely and to form the shape of the candle. Ingredients like waxes and wicks are irrefutable the indispensable ingredients of a candle. You can add fragrance and dye to the candle to make the candle scented and look attractive and wonderful.

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