Candles were basically used for illumination before electricity was generated to illuminate the streets and the houses. Candles were more familiar in northern Europe until the 20th century. In modern times candles are used as decoration or for religious purposes or for its scent. Scented candles are widely used in aromatherapy.

Some of the well known UK wholesale candles suppliers are:

Manufacturer: Ancienne Ambiance

About the Manufacturer:

Ancienne Ambiance promises to give you the best scented luxury candles. Manufactured with the most excellent ingredients and ancient recipes and are stored in hand-made gift boxes. Their products have been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and Glamour magazines. Their wholesale candles included scented candles and Christmas candles, and their accessories.

Varieties of wholesale candles available: Christmas candles, luxury scented candles

Manufacturer: Ancient Wisdom

About the Manufacturer:

Ancient Wisdom offers a wide range of wholesale candles including designer candles, church candles, decorative candles, and other varieties. They supply all over UK and dispatch the orders in one day.

Manufacturer: Aroma Glow

About the Manufacturer:

Aroma Glow is a wholesale candle manufacturer and distributor and was established in 1993. They manufacture many aromatic products, some of which include floating water candles, and assorted glass candles. They offer good servicing of wholesale orders and accept most major credit cards.

Manufacturer: Ashleigh and Burwood

About the Manufacturer:

Ashleigh and Burwood and manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of wholesale scented products and operate all over the UK.

Manufacturer: Blossoms Candles

About the Manufacturer:

They make the finest handmade beeswax with honey scented candles. Moreover one could customise the products and the candles burn in such a way that it leaves room to fix refill the candles.

Manufacturer: Buttermilk Barn

About the Manufacturer:

Buttermilk Barn offers a wide variety of scented, handmade candles. They use soy wax to manufacturer their products and so they burn clean leaving just heavenly aromatic scent to relish. They are available in three sizes and come with glass jars.

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