Cheap And Easy Christmas Crafts

The Christmas season is one of the most fun times of the year. For most people, it is also one of the most expensive times. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to spend a lot to be able to celebrate the season.

Before you start making easy Christmas crafts, it would be a good idea to first gather the materials that are available to you. Look for scrap materials that are lying around your house, such as small pieces of cardboard, ribbons, buttons, glitters, stickers, labels, Styrofoam and wire. Don’t forget to include crayons, food coloring, pens and glue.

Once you’ve compiled all the materials, you can decide on what craft to make. Here are some cheap and easy Christmas crafts that can help reduce the amount you have to spend during the holidays.


If you have friends and relatives who live in other countries, making a homemade Christmas card is a cheap but special way to show that you remember them during the holiday season. First, get a piece construction paper and fold it in half. You can also cut it into a Christmas-themed shape, if you want. Next, paste pictures of Christmas-related things on the card, such as Santa Clause or Christmas trees. To make a more personalized card, paste a picture of you and your family on it. Finally, write a personalized poem or letter inside.


Candles are actually very easy Christmas crafts to make, especially when you have to give gifts to a large number of people. All you really need is some wax and wick, and some coloring. Once the candle is ready, look for a small glass or candle holder at home where you can place the finished product. It takes only a little time to make candles to give away as gifts. Some molds for candles even allow you to produce several candles at once, making it even more convenient.


If you have some loose bendable wire at home, consider making wire figurines. You can shape the wire into different forms, such as angels or Bible figures. Paint or add glitter to the wire to make it more festive. You can even take small pieces of fabric for clothing the figures.

Don’t forget to add a ribbon or a thread at the top so you can hang the ornament.


Another cheap and easy Christmas craft to make is potpourri. You can use peels from fruits you have eaten, such as lemons and oranges. Dry these peels in the oven for several hours. Once they’re crisp and leathery, combine them with fragrant spices, such as bay leaves or cinnamon. Place it in a jar and then cover it tight. This can serve to decorate and give fragrance to a room. You can also use dried pinecones for this purpose. Just coat the pinecones with glue and cover it with a mixture of spices, such as nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. These pinecones can additionally be used as Christmas tree ornaments.

Making a Christmas gift from scratch doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Wow someone with one of these easy Christmas crafts and see for yourself!

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