Citronella Candles – More Than Ordinary Insect Repellants!

Citronella candles have been known in recent years to be a candle that when burned repels insects, specifically mosquitoes. They have been used for over 50 years as an insect repellant in many different countries. Even some military groups add them into their supplies to aid their soldiers in coping with some of nature’s more irritating inhabitants.

Citronella candles carry a fragrant, lemony scent and can be great at outdoor family gatherings like barbeques, picnics, or even just for quiet time outdoors in the evening when you wish to read or work on your laptop. Plus, they can be burned next to a barbecue and not mess with the flavor and scent of whatever you are grilling. In addition, using citronella candles help you avoid spraying harsh chemicals on your skin, which is great for anyone with strong allergic reactions to chemicals!

When Citronella candles are burned this specific oil inside is released into the nearby air, naturally protecting all those nearby. Plus, most of these candle sticks are made with a long burning wax, which burns for a minimum of 20 hours. As many of these candle sticks are somewhat expensive, the extra long life helps off-set the cost and the added bonus citronella candles give off is always a boon.

In addition to its insect repelling advantages, citronella candles are also offering excellent aromatherapy benefits. It is known to promote happiness and calm. They have also been known to assist in easing headaches and migraines. Even the Chinese have believed for centuries that they provide relieve from rheumatic pain and keep colds from spreading in the air!

However, something you want to make sure when you purchase citronella candles is to buy one with a high percentage of the oil. Too little oil and your citronella candles will not be as effective in keeping the annoying insect population at bay. Despite the slightly higher cost associated with citronella candles, the benefits show that citronella candles products with DDT have caused concerns especially among those with respiratory problems.

But this stuff is safer and of course, more natural which makes it a plus amongst anyone who believes in being eco-friendly.

While we may have depended upon the benefits of chemicals in the past, it is time we reclaim our heritage and remember the benefits the earth provides us without any potentially harmful side effects. These are a safe, natural alternative to still enjoy time outdoors with your family without being bothered by pesky insects. Make the most of your family time together and enjoy the scent and benefits they do offer!

Citronella candles have also helped sparked ideas of collars to help protect your dog and/or cat who may be at the mercy of insects too! Most pets are not bothered by the smell of citronella candles and an even bigger plus is you don’t need to be concerned about exposing your beloved pet to any harsh synthetics.

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