Creating Homemade Candle Wicks

Homemade candle wicks is not so complicated to dip. You can easily dip it either into your candle blending or with a little magical intent. You can always invest in a spell or a candle that is supposedly made to make a particular wish come true.

Like pine scented candles, for instance, you can buy candles with a pine smell in your local grocery store. However, the only way to truly make a magic candle is to make it on your own.This would work well for soy candle wicks or any kind of homemade candle wicks.

In order to dip a little magic into your homemade candle wicks, you can be of any religious motivation.Have you ever been sick and someone in your family asked you to eat some homemade soup?If you ate that soup and felt a lot better, you know that there was more than food and spices in the soup. There was also the hope that you would get better. This hope can count as magic.

You don’t have to petition any particular God or Goddess. Either way, make your homemade candle wicks at midnight or anything like that. Hold an intention in your mind as you make the candles and the candle wicks is just everything you have to do. How would you like someone to feel when they light your homemade candle wick?You keep that answer in the back of your mind as you go about producing your candles.

Energy is all around us and in various kinds of forms. Chinese Traditional Medicine tells us that there are energy meridians, among others currents. All is all around us and in our bodies. Lightning rods interest lightning and magnets attract metals. By putting your thoughts and hopes into the projects, you can also charge the energy of any object your make. This could be anything from chicken soup to a pillar seven day candle to soap on a chain to a homemade Valentine.

In order to add a little positive energy to your homemade candle wicks, you must be in somewhat of a good mood.

Just like aromatherapy candles such as richly scented candles, you can also create a pleasing and relaxing atmosphere in your home with the homemade candle wicks. You could sing a song a bit in order to help lighten your mood. The candle or whatever you create will pick up traces of your moods like energy. If you make a candle when in a foul mood, the chances are that anyone who burns that candle will suddenly be in a foul mood, too.

Whether it’s to attract love or heal the sick or anything else, you could imagine that your magical intent is a sprinkle of fairy dust that clings to your homemade candle wick. Then mark that candle to be fired for only that particular purpose. By following this action, you can make sure that you make powerful and magical homemade candle wicks.

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