Go Green With BP Candles

BP candles, aka Beanpod candles, are guaranteed 100% soy wax. Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and many various sizes and colors of these candle stacks are available from Beanpod. Moreover, the new program , “Go Green with Beanpod, encourages customers to purchase them, offering incentives to make the natural choice and protect our earth.

But why BP candles? Beanpod has worked hard since their conception in 2000 to revolutionize how soy candle is made. They are made with specially chosen soy beans and 100% of the soy oil goes into each and every one. They were created specifically for customers who care about the earth and what is happening to our ecosystem. The earth is in trouble and needs our help to reverse the damage that has been done and is still being done every day.

You can also be proud to know that your BP candles are made in the New Hampton, encouraging local growers to continue their efforts and provide jobs through farms and Beanpod.

BP candles can also be chosen based on your needs through the “mood selector” which is available on Beanpod’s website. Each scent comes with a suggested moment to use at home by yourself or with your family. If you want to have an entertaining evening, you might choose the Cedar Chest or Lilac. If you want to have family time, try Candy Apple or Oatmeal Cookies. You can also purchase “Soy Beads” to season your BP candles according to your wishes, only you to have a hand to personalize your all natural choice.

Every spring and summer, new fragrances for BP candles are being created to inspire and meet the wishes of customers. You are also encouraged to give feedback about your experience and even recommend any ideas you have on new fragrances.

There are even BP candles you can use for specific meals; Belgian Waffles, Apple Pie and Cinnamon Bun will help bring your family members to the kitchen even if you do not have time today to make that home cooked meal. Alternatively, if you do have time, light this wax stick for inspiration

This is why you want BP candles; you can find comfort knowing your stuff will not ever lose their appeal. In addition, the fragrance and color of your candle will never disappear for the life of your BP candles.

BP candles have even been introduced to and favored by celebrities at the Sundance Festival in 2007. The unique jars you can order with your BP candles coupled with exotic blends like Bonsai Tree is sought after upon realizing how unique they can be.

Moreover, they come with special care instructions offered only by Beanpod to assist you in preserving your candle and its fresh fragrance for years to come. Not that it will last that long as you will be lighting it every chance you get! Enjoy the fragrance of your BP candles!

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