Hand Poured Soy Candles

In this category, I will discuss about hand poured soy candles. What are they? Soybean candles are made from soybean wax. This wax is hydrogenated soybean oil. It was invented by Michael Richards in 1992 while he was looking for cheaper and environment friendly alternatives. Soybean is a farm product. Therefore farmers are benefited if this wax is used. Hand poured soy candles are made using soybean wax.

In hand poured soy candles, the soybean oil is mixed with herbal or essential oils.

The addition of soybean oil lowers the melting point of the candle. Hence, it is ideal for a longer, cleaner and a smooth burning.

Hand poured soy candles are made by pouring soybean wax into containers, which can sustain the heat when the candle is lighted. There may be many types of containers like travel tins, rustic or primitive type of tins, and any other form you can think of, to contain soybean wax. These days, companies are providing different types of hand poured soy candles to woo their customers.

Hand poured soy candles are becoming very popular with online marketers. Since there is a rise in the popularity of such candles, the internet marketers are pricing their products at a new high everyday. So here I am also going to give you quick tips on making hand poured soy candles at your home. As this wax can be easily cleaned by soap and water, you do not have to worry about the mess. You need:

  • 1 pound of soybean wax
  • 1 mason jar
  • 1 ounce of fragrance oil
  • Wax dye
  • 1 cotton wick

Put the soybean wax in a pan and heat it on slow fire. When melted, remove it from the fire and add essential oil to it. Pour the mixture into a jar while keeping the wick straight and in center. When the wax solidifies, you can trim the wick to half an inch. And there you go! Your own manually crafted, hand poured soy candles are ready for use.

Your hand poured soy candles can have a longer life if you follow this tip. Let your candle’s surface burn completely and let it liquefy before extinguishing it. This way the candle will last longer without tunneling down the center.

Hand poured soy candles have many advantages over the normal paraffin counterparts. Hand poured soy candles are 100% biodegradable, and do not contain carcinogenic compounds. They are water soluble and there is almost no soot in burning them. These are transferred in containers made of glass or tin.

The glass and tin containers are recyclable, thereby attaching importance to an already eco-friendly product. They burn at least 30% to 50% more than the paraffin ones. Due to the usage of vegetable oil in the candle, animal products are not used. Also animal testing is not required.

You can find hand poured soy candles with a variety of fragrances and also with a blend of essential oils in the market and in online businesses.

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