Making Soy Candles The Easy Way!

People choose soy candles for many good reasons. When looking at making candles you will find that soy candles are earth friendly and a renewable resource. What better reasons than these to make this type of candles?

All candles produce some soot but soy candles tend to produce less than most. Soy candles are also known to last longer than most conventional candles. Soy candle wax is produced in the United States.

Equipment and Supplies for Making Soy Candles

The type of equipment and supplies you will need to make your soy candles depend on what style you want. You can make pillar type candles, tarts for burners, or container candles.

Container candles are the easiest to make and is the one that will be covered here. The nice thing about using soy wax is that it cleans up well with soap and water.

What You Will Need

You will need a microwave safe container, preferably a microwave safe glass measuring cup to hold and melt your wax, wicks, and a clean container to put your candle in. There are fragrances and dyes specifically for soy wax candles. If you desire these, then make sure you have them ready when creating your candle. A word of caution here, be sure to buy high quality oils that are strong and are specifically for soy candles!

You will also need a wooden spoon, potholders and a clean dry container to put your candle into. Soy wax comes in soft block or in flakes. The best way to purchase this type of wax is in flakes, this allows you to measure the amount of wax needed for different projects.

You are Ready to Create

Now you are ready to go. You have everything together, but how do you know how much wax you will need to melt? By using the microwave safe measuring cup, and by knowing the amount of liquid your container holds you will know the amount of soy wax that you need to melt. If it is a 14 oz. container then you will need approximately 13 oz of melted wax.

Melt the wax in the microwave. Start with a few minutes and continue to check until all the soy wax is melted. During the melting process, if you see you are going to need more wax, then add it to what is already melting. Be sure that all the wax is melted.

While the wax is melting take the wick and place the metal portion into the bottom of your container with just a bit of hot glue. This will adhere quickly so you can use a pencil to keep the wick centered by wrapping a small portion of the wick around the pencil.

Secure the pencil to the container.

Once the right amount of wax is melted add the dye and stir to mix well. You may then add your fragrance according to the manufactures suggestions. Once all is mixed pour slowly into your container. Be sure that the wick stays to the center for an even burning candle.

You have just created your first earth friendly and beautiful soy candle. You are ready to make some as gifts so that others may enjoy these wonderful candles. Don’t forget to add a little note about clean up for the container after the candle has been used, and about how soy candles are earth friendly!

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  • I loved this article, this is something the whole family can get involved in and maybe even make a little money on the side. And who couldn’t use an extra dollar or two these days.
    You gave an excellent step by step here.

  • Thanks for your input and kind words!