Making Unity Candles

It can be really very enjoyable to engage in making unity candles that are often deemed to be an integral part of Protestant marriage ceremonies. Basically, it is simple candle making that is involved.

However, the gracious and solemn nature of the occasion at which the unity candles set up are to be used need to be kept in mind while creating these candles. Besides, it is to be importantly borne in mind that there is to be made a set of three candles- two similar slender ones and a large one that is to be the central unity candle.

Beautifully made unity candles adorned tastefully and marketed as wedding accessories are sure to fetch a high price. However, the candles made are often not sold out and are used at special wedding ceremonies of friends and near ones. These certainly win far more acclaims than the common varieties secured from suppliers.

Going about with making unity candles

In order to prepare the unity candles you can start up by using ready-made candles and work upon them to bring about a beautiful transformation. Alternatively, you can even prepare the candles by yourself. By molding from molten wax you can craft exquisite pieces of unity candles featuring innovative designs.

With the candle to be worked upon at hand you may proceed with spraying on it a thin layer of acrylic paint or epoxy. Too much thickness of paint/glue is of course not required. What is needed is just enough spraying for creating a sticky surface that can hold on what all decorations will be placed.

Usually it is pictures of the bride and the groom or mementos or wedding charms like invitations that are pasted on the candle. Some inscriptions may also be made on the surfaces of the candles. If it is for your own wedding that the candle is being set up for then decorations may include personal memories shared by you and your fiance/fiancee.

Sealing up unity candle adornments and memories

After completion of decorations whatever space remains on the candles’ surfaces can be filled in with colors that match the personalities and moods of the bride and the groom or that of the occasion. Finally, another coat of acrylic paint is to be applied to seal up everything. Thus is readied the special unity candle set that, when lit up at the marriage ceremony or later on, would bring to light sweet memories of a relationship based on everlasting love.

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