Making Your Own Unity Candle

The unity candle is a tradition relatively new to Protestant wedding ceremonies, and similarly open for interpretation, variation, and specialization towards whatever need a bride and groom may have.

The act is simple and wholly symbolic, and so it stands to reason that the candle itself can be just as special and symbolic. You can have a unity candle and save a few dollars by crafting your own unity candle to use in your wedding.

Once you take anything and slap on the glitzy white lettering of a “wedding variation”, the price is sure to triple, and when bought from a supplier, you’re getting an impersonal set that will only gather dust away somewhere. Why not take the tradition and make it truly yours by investing the time and love into it that the rest of your wedding and marriage sees?

Finding the right candle is key. You’ll want something large enough to take creative liberties with without giving yourself too much space to fill. Of course, you can always go the extra mile and create your own candle altogether, a craft all by itself. For now, let’s look at a few good ideas for turning your basic gift shop bought candle into that extra special unity candle.

Once you have your candle, spray on a thin layer of clear acrylic paint or epoxy. Nothing too thick, just enough to create a sticky surface perfect as a canvas board for your memories.

Now carefully place onto the surface a series of pictures, mementos, and wedding charms such as invitations, decorating the entire candle in as many personal memories between you and your fiance as you can find. Make this candle yours, not some store bought memory.

Now paint in any other space you might want to fill; give it the color that matches your personalities (and likely the theme of your wedding), and finish it off with another coat of thin acrylic paint to seal it all up. You’ll want everything to stay put when you light that candle and for the rest of your lives as it sits in a box of your memories or on a mantle to remember your special day.

From here you can simple glue on any more substantial decorations like lace or ribbons. The candle is essentially yours to do with as you please; take the opportunity to make it truly yours. Don’t leave any of that store bought candle behind.

And now you have a candle that is entirely yours, without the impersonally sleek cut of one that’s store bought.

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