My Weak Spot For Wrought Iron Candle Sconces

Wrought Iron Candle Sconces

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I have always had a weakness for wrought iron candle sconces. I think it has to do with what I watched as a kid. I used to always love anything having to do with the middle ages. I have probably seen countless scenes in my life involving people walking down long hallways decorated with flaming torches or wrought iron while sconces. Of course, the flaming torch is preferable because it has more fire and you can hold it, but I knew that I would never be able to talk my parents into letting me have one. A wrought iron candle holder was the next best thing, and I would daydream about it a surprising amount when I was a kid.

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When I reached my teenage years, I briefly went through a Goth phase. This only enhanced my fascination with wrought iron candle sconces. My mother took it a little bit too seriously, which pleased me a great deal. She was shocked by the way I was dressing and the music that I was listening to, as well as the friends I was hanging out with. In reality, they were very good kids just trying to assert their identity at a difficult age in life. She didn’t realize this, however, and continued to refuse me the right to decorate my room as I saw fit.

Finally, she relented and let me buy a couple wrought iron candle sconces out of my own money, but she quickly changed her mind and forbid me to actually light candles in them. Needless to say, I disobeyed quite frequently. Many was the late night I would sit in front of those wrought iron candle sconces, listening to bad music and reading French philosophy. Oh, to be young again!

When I fell in love, it was with a wonderful woman who was, in many ways, the fulfillment of my dreams.

Unfortunately, she has a much different decorative aesthetic than i do. Wrought iron candle sconces were out of the question. She wouldn’t even let me use hand forged iron lighting to provide that medieval decorative touch that I craved so much, at least at first. Finally she relented, and much of the upstairs is now decorated according to my tastes. I admit that in some ways it is pretty tacky, but it is what I like. The wrought iron candle sconces make me happy.

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