Natural Soy Jar Candles

Natural soy jar candles have been the hottest trend of late. Candles have forever been a great gift idea as it seems the ideal choice for any occasion, but if you’re looking for something a little different, you may want to consider the latest in candle innovation: natural soy jar candles.

Natural soy jar candles have become more popular for several reasons, the biggest one being with all the attention to ‘going green’ and being more conscious of the environment.

By opting to burn soybean candle as opposed to that made of paraffin; you are doing your part for not only the environment but also for the health, well being of yourself and those around you—a great reason to give choose natural soy jar candles. What makes them so great you ask? Several things:

Natural soy jar candles means that when you burn them, you avoid filling the air with unnecessary toxins like petroleum which is found in paraffin. This also includes C02 which our atmosphere can do without.

Natural soy jar candles produce less soot—90 percent less to be exact. When you burn any other type of candle, over time you end up with a layer of soot on walls, fabrics and furniture that you may not even see. Breathing this in is unhealthy and can further aggravate conditions like allergies and asthma.

Natural soy jar candles burn longer, which saves you money. It has been found that this type of candle burns 50 percent longer than any other kind, so you get way more returns for your buck! This is another plus should you be giving natural soy jar candles as gifts because your gift will last longer; lighting up the life of the person lucky enough to receive it.

Natural soy jar candles distribute scent better because the naturally present soybean oil has a lower melting point. This causes the pool of wax that builds around the wick to be larger than it would in a regular candle and it is in these pools that the essential oils or fragrance evaporate and distribute the scent, therefore creating a stronger aroma for you to enjoy.

Since we are on the topic of scent, scented natural soy jar candles come in a variety of aromatherapy essences, which have multiple health benefits. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to treat all types of ailments, from stress to respiratory problems to headaches.

Finding out what each essential oil is good for is easily achieved with an online search of ‘aromatherapy’ or ‘essential oils’.

There is no doubt that natural soy jar candles are a great choice for yourself or your loved ones thanks to the endless list of benefits that they offer in comparison to the other types available. On a slightly more superficial note; natural soy jar candles come in the same array of pretty colors that other candle types do! You can find them in rich colors, bright colors—all colors for that matter so you can match any taste and compliment any decor. There isn’t a healthier, prettier or ‘greener’ (environment friendly) choice when it comes to natural soy jar candles than those made from paraffin.

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