Safety First With Flameless Candles

Flameless candles are battery powered wax candle sticks made from real wax or a plastic wax-like material. The biggest advantage is the lack of a real flame, preventing the possibility of a fire spreading should the candle ever be knocked over.

Flameless candles look so realistic they create the warm atmosphere of a real candle. Some models can come with a flicking flame just like a real. They can be placed near decorations like flowers, curtains, or any other flammable items.

Because flameless candles produce no carcinogens, having it inside your home will not damage any of the surrounding area. They are by far safer than products containing DDT. Flameless candles are also a renewable resource – simply install a new battery. Our world is in grave danger of doing irreversible harm to itself. Making smart choices is important in preventing our children from losing the very comforts we sometimes take for granted.

Flameless candles are a great step in this direction. Each new step we take is allowing ourselves to move forward in a direction that does not depend on expensive resources. Now there are even solar models available, which can be charged during the day and turned on at the touch of a button whenever you wish. With these, there is also no need to ever change a wick or to store multiple flameless candles as they do not melt in the summer heat when you only need one. But of course, you can keep multiple colors, shapes and sizes available if you wish.

Flameless candles are also perfect for wedding receptions. They are also great for any indoor or outdoor activity. You can put away the concerns of having to find matches if a candle blows out or if someone has asthma. They don’t drip, completely eliminating the need to clean up after them. They also make a great gift for someone with arthritis as there is no complicated technique of trying to strike a match!

Now there are even new kinds of flameless candles that feel like real to the touch; you can even blow them out using your breath to turn them off. New types of LEDs and batteries are making such devices better than ever.

They are hypoallergenic and safe for all ages. This is especially important for children.

A big fear for parents is their kids playing with fire. A child accidentally knocking anything other than flameless candles over can easily start a fire and cause anywhere from a little to a lot of damage to your home. This is also true for pets; sometimes our furry friends can easily knock over things too.

Flameless candles are a safe alternative that can still allow us to enjoy the feel of real ones. Flameless candles are affordable, renewable, and a wonderful choice for any family or individual.

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  • Paula

    We are looking for a large quantity of flameless votive candles for wedding favors. The ones that you blow out sound interesting. Where can I find them? Reply via email please.

  • Hi Paula,

    I’ve been out of town for the last 8 days, so I do apologize for not responding sooner.

    I would recommend reviewing and contacting the following site for further details:

    I haven’t personally used them, but they seem to be the ones that offer the best deal for the larger purchase.

    They also appear to offer “Live Support” (when available) and a phone number.

    Hope this helps.

    (Response emailed to you too)

  • Joan Deschamps

    I’m searching for flameless Christmas tapers that look terrific and have realistic drips. I want to set them in front of each window (inside), so they need to come in a base or holder. (The look I’m going for is that lovely, old style Christmas glow of a candle in every window.) Recently I saw the perfect thing in a catalogue, but now I can’t find it and don’t remember the name of it. Thanks for any suggestions you might have. Please e-mail if possible. Thank you.

  • Hello Joan,

    Thank you for your post.

    To answer your question, I personally haven’t purchased anything from these sites, but hopefully they’ll point you in the right direction in what you seek.

    Here are a couple places with different selections of flameless tapered candles (some with drips, some without). I’m pretty confident you’ll find what you’re looking for ( has a nice variety I believe).

    Hope these helps!

    Good luck and thanks again for your post.

    (Response emailed too)

  • Joan Deschamps

    Thanks for your help last night. I was feeling a bit discouraged as I’d already checked out the sites you gave me; and while the ones at were O.K. – they aren’t as nice as the ones in my memory-eye from that catalogue I couldn’t find. But – wonder of wonders – I awoke this morning thinking of yet another place to look for the catalogue. Eureka! It was the Plow & Hearth, Autumn 2008 edition and their battery-operated candles are on pages 80 – 83; website at Now I’ll have to see if they still have them – and how they look off the printed page.

  • Our pleasure to assist. Glad to hear you’ve ran across the catalog again.

    Good luck with your flameless findings!