Scented Chunk Candles For All Tastes

Scented chunk candles are popping up everywhere these days, and why not when they are just so darn pretty to look at! Scented chunk candles are made with cubes of wax which adds a little texture and interest to a candle. Often they are made with different colors, which create a subtle checkered effect which can be quite beautiful.

The plus of choosing scented chunk candles is that many candle makers will use cubes of different scents so that you end up with some delightful fragrance mixes. For instance, you are able to find fruit mixes that add a tropical flavor to the air.

You can find just about any combination imaginable in these scented chunk candles to satisfy any taste. They even come in essential oil scents, which mean you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home.

Scented chunk candles are also readily available in different waxes like paraffin or even soy. The paraffin scented chunk candles are more easily to come by depending where you do your candle shopping and are available pretty much anywhere.

The scented chunk candles made of soybean wax are gaining in popularity, but you may need to dig a little deeper to find them, though with all of their benefits; it’s worth the effort. They are one hundred percent natural, which means they are biodegradable, burn cleaner than paraffin because they contain no toxins like petroleum and they are water soluble. This would be a great gift choice for any of your friends who are environmentally aware.

Choosing scented chunk candles can be an adventure on its own with all of the color and fragrance options available. You can choose your colors to match your decor or that of the person you are buying the candle for or you can throw caution to the wind and choose your color combination simply because you think it’s pretty. You are only limited by your vision and imagination.

The same goes for choosing your scent since the flavor choices are endless in scented chunk candles! Keeping in mind the intended placement of the candle can make it easier for you. If you are looking for a candle to keep in your kitchen or washroom to keep odors in check; a citrus or light and fresh fruit smell would be your best bet.

If you are looking to burn in while entertaining; vanilla, is a favorite among most people and helps to create a cozy and comforting feel in a home. Choosing your scent to compliment a holiday is also another way to narrow down your choices. Many makers of scented chunk candles put out exclusive fragrances at Christmas such as gingerbread, bayberry, holly, pine and even sugar cookies.

Scented chunk candles also make one of the beautiful gifts as the options allow you to cater your gift to the likes of the person in question. They make great hostess gifts and are a joy to receive regardless of the occasion. Aside from children who should not be left unattended around a candle; scented chunk candles make a great gift for anyone whether male or female. What is more beautiful than being able to literally light up someone’s life?

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