Soy Candles 101

A Candle Made of Soybean Oil?

Yes you read that right! Soy candles are made from hydrogenated soybean oil which is called soybean wax. They are easy to make, and a lot of people find soy candle making a great hobby. They are made by using different dyes and fragrances to create the perfect candle, and a lot of people consider the soy candle to be the best choice when buying or making candles.

They are easy to clean up if spilled and are virtually the fastest way to make a candle.

Soy wax is possibly the safest candle wax of today, and is made from one of the most popular plants. Soybeans are used for everything from oils, to animal feed made from the remaining husks of the soybean plant. Soybeans are increasingly popular in China and other Asian countries, where they are used for food in all different kinds of recipes.

The History of Soy Candles

The wax from the soy candle was founded by Michael Richards in 1991. Because of the growing demand for candles, Richards was looking for a cheaper way to make an environmentally safe natural candle that would burn slower than regular paraffin wax or bees wax. After many tests on different plants he found that soybean oil was the perfect candidate for the perfect candle.

Nowadays, soy candles are manufactured all over the world and are a popular candle because of their strong scent and the fact that they are environmentally friendly. Since soy wax candles will burn at approximately 100 degrees F the scent is spread quicker throughout the area. The average soy candle lasts about fifteen to seventeen hours giving them a much slower burning rate then other candles.

100% Non-Toxic

Another great thing about soy candles is that they are completely non-toxic, compared with paraffin wax which has small amounts of toxicity which burns black. Although you should never burn many candles in a small enclosed room, soy wax is much less harmful than regular wax and is safer for the environment. Soy wax is also easily removed from clothing and other materials with soap and water, compared with paraffin wax which is not easily removed from carpet or any other material. A lot of natural candle makers claim to be “soot free” but in reality they are not. Not even soy candles are really and truly soot free, although they do produce at least 90% less soot. The fact that soy wax is non-toxic has made it increasingly popular among people who are more aware of keeping the planet earth clean and healthy.

Candle Safety

You should always practice proper candle safety when using any type of candle whether it is soy candles, paraffin, bees wax, or any other candle. Always keep candles away from pets and children, after all anything containing fire or anything that will burn, should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Keep wicks trimmed and never leave a candle burning for more that five hours at any time. Be sure to place the candle in a properly ventilated room, and never use more that one in a small space. Even though soy wax is non-toxic you should practice these safety measures, to keep you and your family happy, healthy and safe.

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