Soy Jar Candles – Evading the Health Risk

While buying ordinary candle sticks, not many would think that they will have any adverse effect on their health. In fact, soy jar candles are known not only to add an aroma to the house, but also to have various aroma therapeutic uses. So, the common misconception is that any and every candle would be good for health. However, there is a lot of difference between soy jar candles and simple, regular candle sticks. They are simply best for your home decor.

Most candle sticks pose a health risk that many would not be aware of, dirty air. Paraffin candle sticks are made of petroleum. As soon as these get burn, they let off black soot.

This is carcinogenic and very, very dangerous for health. This soot is visible in almost all candle holders, either inside of the holder or around the sides of the holder. Carcinogens are one of the main factors behind many health issues, just one of them being cancer. The carcinogens inhaled by us while burning some simple household items like candle, charcoal, etc, can be the cause of major health hazards. None of these are found in soy jar candles.

While comparing with soy jar candles, the EPA is of the opinion that petroleum candle contains more harmful chemicals, and not just soot and carcinogens. This is also rumored to have toxins which are very dangerous for various important organs of our bodies, like the nervous system and the reproductive system. Again, you will not have any such risks while using soy jar candles.

In fact, soy jar candles are one of the safest types you can use for your household. Normal stuff does have a lot of problems for house owners, only that the problems are not that visible. Some say that the color of their furniture and other accessories at home have changed after the use of normal scented candle sticks, another issue that you will never find when using soy jar candles. Basically, the color has changed due to the soot that has been released by the candle and has accumulated at the walls near them.

While soy jar candles burn just like the normal ones, they do not release any carcinogens into the air, and that is the major difference making them more and more popular of late. Sure, there is soot released into the air when the soy jar candles are burnt, but it is in much lesser quantities.

This soot does not have the negative health as well as color darkening effect that the paraffin has. The soot from soy jar candles also does not have the sticky and greasy consistency that the paraffin counterpart releases. The soot from soy jar candles is easily washable and does not stain the furniture and walls.

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