Soy Pillar Candles – A Pretty and Cheap Alternative

With the cost of beeswax being on the higher end, it’s not surprising that someone would want to find a less expensive alternative for the ordinary candle stuff – soy pillar candles are one of the pretty and cheap results of that venture. Let us find out numerous advantages they offer.

When shopping for a candle, there are a few advantages to choosing to go with soy pillar candles.

For example; soybean wax is environmentally friendlier than their paraffin counterpart because there is no petroleum used in the products. As well, soybean wax when burned does not increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the air as regular others do.

Soy pillar candles also produce almost no soot, unlike other candles that can leave an unhealthy amount of soot on furniture and walls. If that weren’t impressive enough; soybean wax is also easier to clean! This is great news for those of us who has stained furniture and tablecloths because of a wax spill.

If you opt to go with a candle made from soybean wax; a beautiful and decadent choice would be one of the many soy pillar candles on the market today. Soy pillar candles make a nice statement when used on its own or as a part of a decorative centerpiece. Playing with varying sizes not only allows for some variety, but can also make a nice arrangement of soy pillar candles when different heights are grouped together—especially beautiful when used in an ornamental fireplace as opposed to an all-out fire.

Scented soy pillar candles also give off more flavor than other types. This is because the naturally present soybean oil actually lowers the melting point and burns at a cooler level than regular wax. It is because of this that the pool of wax around the base of the wick is bigger and therefore emits a stronger scent as that pool is where the essential oils evaporate and create the scent.

While we are talking about the joys of a scented soy pillar candles; you may want to consider the other benefits that they have on your health. The same essential oils that are used to give a candle its scent have been used for years in aromatherapy. Different scents not only smell great, but they also have different effects on your well being; jasmine can pick you up and energize you while lavender calms you. A scent like Eucalyptus is beneficial for those suffering from sinus problems, colds, asthma and more.

Another plus of purchasing soy pillar candles is that you actually get even more for your money—soy pillar candles burn longer than their unnatural counterparts! As a matter of fact; they burn up to fifty percent longer!

So soy pillar candles that are lit up at the same time as a paraffin candle will continue to burn long after the others have gone out. What a great option for those long family dinners or a long and romantic evening with that special someone. The pros of soy pillar candles really are endless!

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