The Beauty Of Candles – Easy Guide For Reusing Candles

There is nothing quite like a romantic setting for a really romantic date. People often use accessories to capture the essence of romance and relaxation. Many folks really appreciate candlelight lit by easy scented candle sets as well as flowers in order to set the mood.

Maybe it’s because the flickering glow of a candle relaxes you that it feels so romantic. One could use different types of scented candle sets. Alluring as these may be, they can turn out to be costly when used on a regular basis. The ideal way to overcome this problem is by making the colorful, perfumed candles yourself.

Gather up all of your old candles and place all of them in one container, then place this container inside of another large container that has water in it and then place it on a fire. A double boiler is a must as it could be hazardous trying to melt the wax over direct heat. Buy new candles in bulk which is cheaper than the expensive ones in stores in case you do not have sufficient old candles.

Aluminum containers are really the best choice for wax moulds and this is in spite of the fact that they get quite hot. If you were to use glasses as moulds, you could get some designs on or paper cups should do as well for a simple shape.

Take out the wick of an old candle or make a wick from white cotton straw. Sufficient wax must be rubbed on the straw so that it is taut and thus easier for inserting into the melted, wax in the mould. Put in the required oil color in the melted wax and add it gradually and blend it carefully to get an idea of when to stop. Empty the melted wax in the mould and put the wick in the middle and make sure that it goes right down slowly.

If you wish to make candles with layers of different colors, then you must melt wax in different containers and add appropriate colors to each lot.

A tall mould is ideal for a candle with many colors and you also need to carefully layer the various colors so they show off to the best possible advantage. Pour each color on top of another only if the layer below has cooled down. If you don’t allow the prior color to cool odd, all of the colors are going to mix and then you are going to be left with one lump that is murky colored.

Fragrant candles can be made by adding fragrance oils to the hot wax after the coloring process.

These fragrances are easily available in the market and range from floral ones like jasmine and rose to others like tea tree, lemon grass and musk. The mold is put into a freezer once the color and fragrance have been added and wick put in place. Hand out these candles as gifts. They will appreciate the time and effort it took to create these custom treasures.

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