The Wonderful World of White Barn Candles

White Barn candles is an extension to the ever-popular Bath & Body Works which are known for their incredible skincare and bath lines that are made of all natural and deliciously scented ingredients. Quite affordable considering the luxury you get; these White Barn candles can really enhance just about every aspect of your life!

Inspired by the body care line, White Barn candles allow you to infuse your home with the same unique Bath & Body Works scents that you have come to know and love since their beginning.

To make them even more special; their products are not tested on animals and are eco-friendly, which are other great reasons for shopping from anyone of their delightful collections.

In regard to the White Barn candles, what makes this collection so special and the undecided favorite of all the Bath & Body Works collections is their glorious scent combinations. They manage to combine some of the most unlikely essences to create exciting fragrances not found anywhere else.

Some of the fragrances from White Barn candles include:

  • Enchanted Orchid: Is a scent that will make you feel wonderful as it fills the air around you with a fragrance reminiscent of a beautiful summer day.
  • Brown Sugar & Fig: This scent from White Barn candles is the epitome of comfort and coziness and can instantly warm up any room.
  • Cherry Blossom: This is a good-enough-to-eat candle that reminds you of a warm spring afternoon spent frolicking outside in a meadow. Absolutely wonderful.
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla: This offers a truly decadent aroma thanks to the unique combination that will make your mouth water. A personal favorite!
  • Tahitian Coffee and Tea: This is one of the latest creations of White Barn candles and an invigorating combination that will make your home feel even more inviting.
  • Coconut Lime: A tropically infused scent that will keep you dreaming of sun and luscious palm trees all day long.
  • Cucumber Melon: This refreshing combination will perk you up and make your day brighter!

These White Barn candles are also well loved thanks to their price point. As previously mentioned; you get to enjoy the luxury of quality ingredients, pretty packaging and a variety of scents for far less than you would expect. White Barn candles start as low as $15 which makes them the ideal choice to offer as a gift to a special someone, or to treat yourself with, any time of the year. The only downside to purchasing one of their products will be trying to narrow down the choices!

Consider your needs in order to help you make the best choice among different types of White Barn candles. Try using fresh and citrus scents for eliminating unwanted pet or food odors, rich scents for entertaining and making a home feel cozy and fruity scents to compliment any room or function on a warm day. Fruity scents are also a popular favorite with the younger crowds – something to keep in mind if buying for a teenage girl.

With a little time and thought; you can find something for everyone from White Barn candles. You just need to resist the urge to buy them all for yourself!

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  • Linda Wood

    Do you sell just the essential scented oils that can be used in cosmetic creams?

    Thank you,


  • Hello Linda,

    We do not sell anything directly on this site.

    But, there are quite a few sites that offer scents for practically any craft you may be interested in (i.e. candles, smelly jellys, soaps or cosmetics).

    Here are a couple places we’ve used before that you may want to check out:

    Note: These are just two of many sites out there.

    Please let us know if there was something particular you may be looking for.