Wedding Unity Candles – Embracing The Union!

Many brides and grooms are now incorporating wedding unity candles into their ceremonies. They are the ones that during a ceremony a man and woman will light together to symbolize the union a man and woman will embrace in their lives. The wedding unity candles are important as they symbolize the special meaning of marriage. They have added class to homes and ceremonies for centuries. They do not require electricity and are eco-friendly.

For your most precious day, you desire everything to be perfect. You don’t want to spend time worrying about any of the small details like wedding unity candles. They are meant to represent your personality, style, and your complete commitment to your loved one.

It represents the union of two families. As your most cherished ceremony proceeds, you envision a room filled with softly flowing candles. One in particular has not yet been lit and you and your fiance slowly approach, each lighting an individual taper before bringing them together and lighting a larger column which is often decorated. Then, the couple may either blow these wedding unity candles out together or leave them lit.

On the Internet, you will find a wide assortment of different types of wedding unity candles. Some of the tapers will have bows tied around them or have the names of each one of the couple engraved upon it. The main column will usually have a special dedication written on it the couple can read or have read to them by their parents. Some couples even choose to blow the main column out after the ceremony is over and save it for the day they will renew their vows.

When you find the perfect wedding unity candles, you want it to be of high quality and of special design. It must reach out to you. Whether you are looking for a very fancy or ornate wedding unity candles or something simple and elegant, they must appeal to your heart. Some couples prefer to tie their own bows on as a way of personalizing their candle sticks by their own hands.

There are many options available. You can choose also choose to have your guests each given unlit wedding unity candles; save for the first guest whose candle is lit. Then, as each guest passes the lit candle they light theirs and this continues until all are done, symbolizing the union of friends and family gathering in support of the couple to be married.

You can also request for your children to be the ones to light the taper especially if you are an older couple getting married. Each aspect of your union is a very special occasion and lighting your wedding unity candles is a unique experience to help each of you to focus your hearts on this special day. The important part is to always choose the situation that is best for you, which speaks to you from your and your loved one’s hearts.

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  • We used unity wedding candles at our wedding. But rather than have my wife and I light the taper candles, we had our mothers light them at the start of the ceremony. Then later on we went up and used the tapers to light the unity candle.

  • Wonderful idea!

    Thanks for your input.