Why Choose Soy Chunk Candles?

Soy chunk candles have become all the range in the candle world, and why shouldn’t they when they are pretty, unique and good for the environment? Soy chunk candles are those made up of cubes of wax which create a ‘chunky’ or ‘checkered’ effect throughout the candle. They are basically the same, only rather than cubes of paraffin wax, they are made of cubes of soybean. Think there is no difference? Think again. Soybean wax has several benefits that regular wax does not. Let me explain.

Soy chunk candles are all natural, which means that they burn clean.

They do not contain toxins like petroleum which is found in paraffin. Also, when burned soy chunk candles do not fill the air with C02 as other type of candle does which is a definite plus for the environment.

As well, because soy chunk candles burn clean, they produce next to no soot, which can leave a residue on your walls, curtains and furniture which is not only unsightly but also unhealthy. This is especially good news if you or anyone at home suffers from allergies or asthma or any other respiratory condition.

A candle made of soybean wax is also biodegradable, which makes soy chunk candles not only a smart choice in general, but also a great gift for anyone who cares about the environment and likes to live as green as possible. Another plus is that soybean wax is water soluble, which means easy clean up. A wax spill is easily taken care of with some soap and water, unlike paraffin wax spills that stain and require quite a bit of elbow grease to tend to. These gems also burn longer that means you get more for your money which is always a welcome bonus!

Aside from the eco-friendly pros of this type of candle; soy chunk candles are just as beautiful to look at as other candle types. Many people associate the terms ‘all natural’ or ‘eco-friendly’ with muted, bland colors, but in actual fact, you can get these soy chunk candles in any color combination your imagination can dream up! Makers of these use slight variations of a color for a subtle and tasteful effect and can also combine bright contrasting colors for a more dramatic appeal.

Opt for a scented version and you will be exposed to hundreds of wonderful options in terms of flavor combinations soy chunk candles offer.

There is nothing like a candle to add to the ambience of a room. Uses for soy chunk candles are vast as well. You can light a candle to help control unwanted odors in kitchens and bathrooms—scented or not. Use them as an addition to any dinner table for instant glamor or light up an entire room to add to the romance of an intimate evening at home with your special someone.

Soy chunk candles are always a good idea to have around in the event of a power outage—who says they need to be generic emergency candle sticks? Beautiful soy chunk candles will do the trick just fine… not to mention look great while doing it!

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