Why Hand Poured Pillar Candles?

What are hand poured pillar candles? For centuries, they have been made to light the inside of our homes. With the introduction of commercialism and wide-scale manufacturing, there has been a loss in the personal touch that hand poured pillar candles provide. They have also been shown to have longer burn times, and a brilliant flame which reveals the tradition of manual pouring.

When you enter a store, you see hundreds of items that have been wrapped individually and in pairs or sets. You usually find identical copies or in similar styles of the object you wish to buy. But with hand poured pillar candles, even though the process is similar, you can know that no two pieces are ever completely alike. Each of them you buy is completely unique and yours to select.

Hand poured pillar candles have different styles available with different pricing. You can select from simple to elegant for hand poured pillar candles with a twist of artistic flair. They can also be a great center piece for any table or mantle and can cast a romantic glow to any night with a special someone.

You can also purchase hand poured pillar candles made with numerous materials. These pieces made of natural wax can retain a scent for a long period of time and be given a crystal finish to add to the natural beauty and allure of having them in your home. A variety of finishes can be made using 100% beeswax and vegetable oil.

Hand poured pillar candles are also popular for their natural ingredients, unique scent and design. You can also request aromatherapy for your health or just to relax. You also have the benefit of knowing by purchasing them you are supporting the growth and populating of honey bees that are still mysteriously dying across the nation.

Making home made hand poured pillar candles can be a creative and enjoyable experience. You can also imprint your own design into the outside of your crafted stuff or even sign your name into the bottom, leaving your signature for anyone to appreciate the work of art you have created!

Another good reason to make your own hand poured pillar candles is the increase in allergies people are experiencing across the nation. The chemicals used to create the artificial scents can irritate and initiate many allergy symptoms. As long as you make your own candles, you’ll never have to worry about this.

Hand poured pillar candles also make a great gift for any friend or family member.

If you tend to feel creative and are never sure what to get someone, allow your inner self to come alive in the way the artists of the ancient world would and allow your hands free reign.

Hand poured pillar candles are a wonderful addition to any home.

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